Meet FirstMagic 3

27.06.2016, 23:59


Businesses, organizations, and schools, all over the world, use FirstMagic to maintain their online presence.


FirstMagic inherits privileges and groups from the FirstClass Server, and scales with the intranet: if you have ten thousand users, you can easily and quickly roll out ten thousand websites.

The websites are fully compatible with your established workflows, retains all rights management from the intranet, and will be able to make use of all your pre-existing content.


Publishing and editing happens in the browser, directly on the page, and is true WYSIWYG – the website is the Editor User Interface. FirstClass is merely the back-end - the data repository. Think of your existing infrastructure as a database, and FirstMagic as the interface to it.

What´s new in FirstMagic 3

28.06.2016, 00:01

screenfm.jpgTrue WYSIWYG web publishing
No client software, no editor popup windows: the web pages themselves are the workspace. What the Editor sees while working is exactly what the visitor sees when browsing.


Expand the reach of your Intranet

FirstMagic also brings intranet publishing to the web: End Users that signs into your sites will get personalized Homepages with shortcuts to the content that is important to them. FirstClass conferences becomes beautiful, user-friendly web pages, still protected by your Privileges and Groups.

Layouts for any purpose
Layouts are easy ways of grouping pages. FM3 layouts are created on the fly - only a single click creates a new Blog, a Video or PodCast Channel, a Booking Calendar, Gallery, User Forum... Or a Digital Sign. It cannot be easier.

Instant Sub-websites
A single click makes a new, stand-alone sub-website inside any FirstMagic. Sub-websites can have their own menus, navigation and Design Themes, or they can inherit any or all of these properties from the parent. They are perfect for teacher´s homepages, student portfolios, or for stand-alone project minisites.


Custom Forms for any purpose

Make custom Web Response Forms on the fly: there's no FirstClass Designer, no coding, no Perl or PHP. End Users can point-and-click to create their own forms in their browsers, directly on the site - and publish them immediately, for both anonymous visitors and authenticated users.


New Design Library
FirstMagic ships with 40 new, ready to use Design Themes, ranging from custom designs to several Material Design templates. A new,  browser-based Theme Designer Tool allows for creating custom web design in a point-and-click wizard - with live progress previews. A raw CSS editor is built in too, for those that prefer tinkering under the hood.

Next-generation FirstClass content management for the web

27.06.2016, 17:31

Administrators can deploy new websites in seconds, while End Users can create Blogs, Booking Calendars, Forums, Streaming Media Channels, Digital Signs - even stand-alone sub-websites - with their own navigation and design themes. 




Design vibrant websites with ease

Implement your organization´s branding and design guidelines, and these will govern all aspects of site appearance. There are no design limitations: a FirstMagic website will look like anything you can imagine. Themes are clean, well-documented CSS any professional Web Designer can read and write, and FirstMagic 3 also ships with 40 pre-installed Design Themes as well as a point-and-click SkinDesigner.


Bring your old content with you

Use your organization's existing FirstClass content exactly as is, or mix it with FirstMagic Layouts to publish Blogs, Galleries, Media Channels, Portfolios, Forums, Calendars, Digital Signs... It´s drag-and-drop simple. 

Compatible with everything

End Users can sign in with their browsers and publish directly on their sites - no other software necessary. Though FCWS, FirstClass Go, the FirstClass Client - even Gmail and Outlook - can make FirstMagic web pages, too. Let your users publish with the tools they like - the end result is always the same.


Have a hundred old-style FirstClass Personal Sites? FirstMagic will automatically import and republish them in the design of your choice. They will appear as, and behave like, native parts of a FirstMagic website.


Engage your audience
FirstMagic ships with ready-made, plug & play Social Media widgets for Google, Facebook, Twitter, Disqus, Flickr, and much more: it's a single click to connect any page with your organization's  favorite channel. Add commenting to any page, set up public forums, push your content to iTunes, to RSS Readers, to third-party apps and calendars - even onto other web publishing solutions, via FirstMagic Share Tags.

Accessible & responsive websites running on Industry Standards

 FirstMagic websites are HTML5 native, fully responsive, and WCAG 2.0 compliant. They render perfectly on any modern device, from desktops to smartphones to tablets. Semantic URLs are human-readable and SEO-friendly, and page keywords and URL fragments can be modified easily and instantly.

FirstMagic fits the budget

27.06.2016, 17:52

Businesses and organizations are experiencing ever tightening budgets. With FirstMagic, anyone can effectively and affordably manage a professional web presence.

Affordable Hosted Solutions and software-only packages, low training costs and easy expansion and integration paths - build a great web presence you can afford.

FirstMagic is sold, hosted, and supported world wide:
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