What´s new in FirstMagic 3

screenfm.jpgTrue WYSIWYG web publishing
No client software, no editor popup windows: the web pages themselves are the workspace. What the Editor sees while working is exactly what the visitor sees when browsing.


Expand the reach of your Intranet

FirstMagic also brings intranet publishing to the web: End Users that signs into your sites will get personalized Homepages with shortcuts to the content that is important to them. FirstClass conferences becomes beautiful, user-friendly web pages, still protected by your Privileges and Groups.

Layouts for any purpose
Layouts are easy ways of grouping pages. FM3 layouts are created on the fly - only a single click creates a new Blog, a Video or PodCast Channel, a Booking Calendar, Gallery, User Forum... Or a Digital Sign. It cannot be easier.

Instant Sub-websites
A single click makes a new, stand-alone sub-website inside any FirstMagic. Sub-websites can have their own menus, navigation and Design Themes, or they can inherit any or all of these properties from the parent. They are perfect for teacher´s homepages, student portfolios, or for stand-alone project minisites.


Custom Forms for any purpose

Make custom Web Response Forms on the fly: there's no FirstClass Designer, no coding, no Perl or PHP. End Users can point-and-click to create their own forms in their browsers, directly on the site - and publish them immediately, for both anonymous visitors and authenticated users.


New Design Library
FirstMagic ships with 40 new, ready to use Design Themes, ranging from custom designs to several Material Design templates. A new,  browser-based Theme Designer Tool allows for creating custom web design in a point-and-click wizard - with live progress previews. A raw CSS editor is built in too, for those that prefer tinkering under the hood.

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